This page is dedicated to brief snippets of story. As the name suggests, these short tales are 1,000 words or less and tell a story in a brief time by beginning in the action, brushing up on how the protagonist got into their current situation, and races to the conclusion for a spiffy finish. Tales you can find in this section are as follows:

Strange Capture

When Mora went to visit one of Picasso’s formerly lost art pieces, she never expected to end up tied to a chair in a cellar. Mr. Cunningham blames her for his wife’s fatal accident at the gallery and intends to exact his revenge. Will Mora find some way to escape before she suffer’s her intended fate, or will something shocking occur that will save her?

A Dark Love Note

A bright love goes disturbingly dark. Is it possible to get away, or will blood foretell a price?

Love And Lies

How far would you go for someone you love? In this first person narrative the protagonist explains how far she’s come, and how far she’s willing to go.

The Eleventh Hour

There comes a time when the Eleventh hour arrives and it is far to late. Katherine learns this at the eleventh hour.


Customer Service can be a stressful experience. For Derek, it might just be deadly.