I’m every color painted in the trees.

Like fireworks, I’m brilliant and bright.

Red and gold, Blue and green,

I’m every color and am everything

as I make room for death’s approach.


Brown with graveyard soil

and grey like age, I’m black

like the specter–a thief in the night.

White as ice, bringer of the cold.

Death’s harbinger; but still, hope remains.








As green as grass,

the first shuts of hope I bring.

I’m the blue of the rushing river

as it begins to fill.

As red as a tulip, as yellow as a sunflower.

Cloaked like the azure sky,

I sing; the world returns to life.

Like the ancient fire,

I burn bright, bright, red.

I’m like the yellow of the blazing sun,

scorching the dry air.

I’m pale green, like the dying grass

and the fading brown of the cracked earth.

I laugh under the blazing sun.

Disclaimer: I do not own the images used in this blog and have no artistic right the work.


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