Everyone can say that they experienced a thunder storm within the first year of their life and plenty that they can remember after that. But I’ve experienced nothing like the thunder storms that tear through Texas during the summer. There impressive, not terrifying, and like most sane people I stay in my house to avoid becoming Myth Busters 2.0. Unfortunately, there are several someones inside my house who are bothered by them. They have tails, four legs, and either bark or meow.

Most, if not all, of my families current pets were either brought from the U.K., or gotten here when they were a few weeks old. For the most part they didn’t grow up around severe storms and weren’t used to them. A pity, because if the thunder cracking across the sky wasn’t loud enough to wake the dead and make them call the cops, my dogs barking and cats running up the walls would send them in search of shot guns.

The second the first peal of thunder goes off the dogs bark like mad and nothing can console them. Not treats, toys, or even cuddles. Shushing them doesn’t work either. Then there’s our cats. They have on one or two occasions tried to climb the blinds, but mostly they tear through the house which presents its own problems. It provokes the dogs into a chase. Then they get into a scrap and we have to separate them. Everyone calms down and goes their separate ways until the next peal of thunder and then, bang, round two. This goes on until the thunder lessons considerably or ceases all together. And since these types of storms tend not to be short ones, you can imagine how trying it tends to be.

I’m probably jinxing myself by saying this, but we haven’t had a storm like that for awhile. Of course, it’s mid february and drought conditions with the possibility of massive thunderstorms are a few months away. Still, I should prepare early. Ear plugs, cages, and–as a drastic measure of last resort–duct tape would probably do.



Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery in this blog and I do not have any artistic claim to it.









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