Anyone who lives in the southern U.S., particularly in Texas, knows just how hot the summer can get. There are many forms of relief to thermometer breaking weather, but the one I think applies universally to everyone is clothes.

I like winter–to a point. The cold is fine so long as I can leave it when I choose. Winter fans may frown at this, but ask yourself a question; if you were stick thin and had no body fat to speak of, would you really want to spend an extended amount of time in freezing air/rain/hail/snow or whatever else qualifies as cold weather? Probably not. On the other hand I can endure sweltering temperatures that would cause others to collapse from heat exhaustion.

My summer dress is a little more varied than others. I can get away with jeans, or long sleeve shirts although I’d never wear both for a extensive hike. Shorts are my best friend along with short sleeved shirts. I’ve banned myself from wearing tank tops unless a prodigious amount of sunscreen is applied as I burn rather than tan. Occasionally, I wear my cowboy hat–which one must have to call yourself a true Texan. It’s benefits are two fold; shade and an impromptu fan. And of course there are the trusty sandals. Sneakers are more durable and a greater comfort for walking over long distances, but sandals are quick, simple, and wonderful to wear even if I can walk through a pair inside a year.

I’ve never really worn sunglasses if the truth is to be told. That may be silly considering how bright it is during the summer, but it’s true. Part of it is I wear glasses which causes a problem. Either I wear the sunglasses over my normal glasses and that feels very odd, or I switch them out and I can’t see anything clearly from five feet and going out. Recently, I got a pair of prescription sunglasses so I have no excuse even if I only use them when I’m driving.

Summer is my favorite time of the year. It’s warm, bright, and my wardrobe options seem more extensive than at any point in the year. Not to mention that–when battling the demons of Texas heat–you need every advantage you can get.


Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery in this blog and have no artistic claim to it.


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