I’ve always thought that my family pets were an interesting cast of characters. Each one has had a very unique personality and generated hilarious stories over the years. But the craziest one I heard was from another woman, one I doubt anyone could beat.

One day this woman–we’ll call her Sera–saw a dog trying to tear into a box. A kitten leapt out and scratched it across the nose, terrifying it so badly that it climbed up a tree. You heard that right. UP A TREE. Inside was a second kitten, a sibling, that the feline hero had been defending. So moved by the courageous act was she that Sera adopted the kitten, taking him home. Now, when the little fur ball was old enough she took him to her local vet clinic to get his shots as all responsible pet owners do. She waited. Eventually, the veterinarian walked out, his left arm encased in gauze from his elbow to his fingertips.

Before she could speak the veterinarian announced that they had declawed and defanged her cat. Sera was perplexed. After all, she hadn’t asked for her cat to be either declawed, or defanged. She’d just wanted to get the kitten’s shots. Then the veterinarian’s wife walked out and she was covered head to toe with bandages, scratch marks still clearly visible. They gave the kitten back to Sera, informing her that they would no longer service the animal. Sera left completely flabbergasted. The kitten was utterly angelic to her and her family. What was going on?

Perhaps the cat had a phobia about vets. Usually, Sera would make a last minute appointment and take the cat in, praying that nothing would happen. Something always did. The cat’s usual M.O. was to claw the hell out of the vets and anyone assisting them. On one occasion the little devil escaped and attacked a dog. All encounter’s ended the same with the feline banned from the clinic. In several cases they put up a sign with a picture of the animal and the phrase ‘We will no longer service this animal’ beneath it. In the course of its life the cat was banned from every veterinarian clinic in three towns.

The real kicker? It lived for twenty two years. I guess Satan eventually figured out where is lap cat had gone and decided to get him back.


Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery used in this blog post and have not artistic claim to it.


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