What does it mean to live in a world

that seems to grow darker day by day?

The lost, abandoned, and forgotten,

they struggle to meet each new ray.

What does each new war mean

other than we cannot learn from the past?

Destruction, chaos, broken hearts,

each new one is identical to the last.

Why are those who starve

ignored by those who do not?

Unfortunate, unlucky, they’re to blame,

they should accept their lot.

Why is there such sorrow

and disasters striking everyday?

Tragedy, normal, to be expected,

it seems to be the world’s way.

Yes, there is great darkness

that holds our world in its sway.

But remember there’s always a ray of light

to guide us through our darkest day.


Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery used in this blog and have no artistic claim to it.


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