Everyone has places they like to go on school breaks. Theme parks, the beach, etc. A few of us, however, don’t really have that option, especially when the school that you’re supposed to be getting a break from dumps a ton of work on you.

While I was in college I lived with my parents. We were collectively a family of poor door mouses and couldn’t afford to go anywhere special. Heck, we couldn’t afford to eat at Denny’s. In my sophomore year I managed my finances–such as they were–so that I could do some things on my spring break. Do some shopping, go see a movie, eat at Denny’s without parents or annoying sibling. It was a great deal of fun and a nice change from the ‘WE ARE TO POOR TO DO ANYTHING’ story that seemed to be our life. When I hit my Junior year, however, that changed in a hurry. The part where I could do things, that is.

Anyone whose been to college knows that the higher up you go, the more classes you pass, the more work you get done, the more there seems to be on your desk at the end of the day. That is especially true of my major, Graphic Design. You see, you don’t have a large number of tests, or papers that you have to write. You just have project after project after project to do and–more often than not–they have to be done simultaneously. And they’re time consuming. Not to mention that you usually have to purchase supplies. Why did I major in this again?

Anyway, the fall break of my junior year found me with a monument of projects that I had to do over that holiday if I wanted to get any leeway on–much less pass–my classes. And this didn’t just require an hour or two a day to get done. It was an all day every day affair. I’d get up, do my morning routine, work on a project all day, and then go to bed. If I had to work that routine changed slightly. I’d get up, do my morning routine, come home to work on my project, and THEN go to bed. Notice how there’s no fun time in either scenario.

It wasn’t as bad as it sounds, but going back to school was hard with a nonexistent breather. A lot of the other students didn’t know how lucky they were. And if someone had complained to me about their vacation, I’d have invited them to try my life.


Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery used in this blog post and have no artistic claim to it.


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