Cut, Cut, Cut. A Necessary Step For Writing

I've never put much thought into my word count. I've been writing stories that I want to see published into books and--while I do cut back on excessive wording--I figure that anything beyond that will be dictated by a Literary Agent or Publisher. It isn't until recently that I've hit this head on--and not because … Continue reading Cut, Cut, Cut. A Necessary Step For Writing


Saying you didn't know, is just the excuse you made. Acting without thought, can be as damaging as a blade. Don't do something, when you don't know the risk. Hoping it will end well, is a strategy of hit and miss. It's a flimsy wall, to chose to hide behind. The consequences are real, both … Continue reading Ignorance

Seeing Red

Solely emotion; defying of logic. Wild card; moving to fast. Act first; thinking comes after. Heart races; pounding of blood. Clenched fists; punching is desired. Hot fire; burning under skin. See nothing; seeing only red. Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery used in this blog post and have no artistic claim to it.