“Please,” he whispered. “I don’t want to die.”
“None of us do,” Sin replied quietly. “But it cannot be denied. Death does not like to be cheated.”

After sacrificing her life to save her brother’s, Death offers Brook a deal; become one of his Assassins and in exchange he’ll spare her brother. Brook agrees and becomes Sin, Death’s thirteenth Assassin. Brook upholds her end of the bargain, collecting the souls of those who ‘cheated death’, but when she discovers a nefarious plot masterminded by her employer, she’s given a choice; save her brother, or save the world.


Death’s Assassin is a Paranormal Fiction Short story that focuses on life and death, there rolls, and what someone would do for another when caught between them. I’d like to improve upon the story as needed and eventually get it published. In light of that I will be publishing Death’s Assassin on my blog one chapter per week, accessible from the menu bar. Any feedback in regards to characters, plot, dialogue, etc. would be welcome. Chapter one will be posted on 03/02/2016.


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