The benefits of your life,

perfect it seems to me.

It goes as you will it,

flowing like a grand stream.

You have everything you wish,

everything you wish for.

Yours is clear sky and sunny days,

you can open every door.

Your life is one of envy,

one of ease and without haunt.

You get anything and everything,

to be you is what I want.


But there are benefits to your life,

that is what it seems to me.

A simple home with happiness,

that is what I see.

You have friends that value you,

and not an idea you pretend to be.

You are part of a forest,

I, am the lone tree.

You have a life of color,

without masks, without mirrors.

To be you is what I want,

to have a life so much dearer.


Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery used in this blog post and have nor artistic claim to it.


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