Blessed flower of love,

that draws forth the life blood.

The longest tongues of flame

and the flower of Europe’s dead.

I am the bright, bright red.


The sun shining in the sky,

with fields of flowers far below.

Hay to feed the horses,

and candle that should be lit.

I am the brilliant yellow.


The icon of Halloween,

and the sharp bite of citrus.

A game played upon a court,

the veg which makes you see.

I am the deep orange.


The eternal sky of day,

the ocean of the same shade.

Stone of value,

or the bird within the air.


I am the vibrant blue.

The luck of the Irish,

the strength of Popeye.

Healthy, soft grass,

all recycled therein.

I am the life giving green.


Stones with hidden value,

flowers used in rhyme.

Rarest of foods,

and the strangest of gems

I am the unusual purple.


A life full of color,

we promise this to you.

Nothing the same,

nothing dull.

We are the many vibrant colors.


Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery used in this blog post and have no artistic claim to it.


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