I’ve haven’t been to many barbecues in my life time. Most of the recents ones have been at my uncle Dave’s house. Even if nothing happens, it’s always an adventure.

My uncle lives out in what I call ‘The Boondocks of Bandera’. Basically, have a shot gun and a first aide kit, because if anything happens you’re on your own. He’s also the world’s greatest packrat. Look up the word in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of his property beside it. I’m not joking. There’s piles of junk, recyclables, cars, and at least two houses. There was a school bus last time I was there to. A hike on his property never goes very far and you always have to proceed with caution. And that’s just the property. The house–while livable–continues the theme. Genuine bow and arrow sets, vinyl collections, a metal leg brace used for polio victims during the epidemic…..the list is endless.

You are undoubtedly wondering that–with so much junk–where would one have a barbecue? And where could you do it without setting the entire lot on fire? Shockingly, there’s an empty space on the lot, a car port that–obviously–isn’t used. My other uncle–Skippy–usually attends these. Between them, they produce a wealth of food; beer battered meat, chips with home made dips, little sandwiches……beer. It’s truly an amazing sight, more so because one of them hasn’t been married in several decades, and the other never intends to.

My uncles are my mother’s brothers and pretty much the only family she has in the state aside from her dad. This means that the main invitees to a barbecue are the four member’s of my family and my grandfather. My uncles also tend to invite a few friends. The last time we had a gathering Skippy brought his girlfriend at the time. I never said he didn’t date, just that he wouldn’t marry. She was a nice enough lady and had two kids. The youngest was two and couldn’t pronounce my name ‘Katelyn’. We tried to get him to say it, but he couldn’t. So, we abbreviated. Kate when out the window, as did Kat. What did he settle on? Kitty. Not bad for a toddler.

My uncle Dave’s property is over two hours from our house, and with my parents and I working, it’s hard to get down there. Still, family time is always appreciated.

A good barbecue, more so.


Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery used in this blog and have no artistic right to it.


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