I’m going to shock many of my contemporaries. I’ve been to a concert once. And that was just over a year ago. How does that happen? In short; time, money, and living far from the centers of civilization.

I’ve been a big fan of the country singer Toby Keith since my mother bought me a CD at age ten. I have most, if not all of them, and have always wanted to see him play. Problem one: I was initially to young. Problem two: within two years of that first CD we moved to England. Problem three: when we returned to the United States we were as poor as door mice for many years and lived so far from the nearest places that Toby Keith was playing that we just didn’t have the means to go. Drats!

About a year ago my family moved to a small town forty-five minutes or so from San Antonio. I was a couple months into my new job. I’d been socking away money for a car before my student loan payments started off again when an idea occurred to me. Since I was making three times what I’d been making previously, why not see about going to a Toby Keith concert. The thing about me is that, once an idea hijacks my brain, it drags me along at a hundred miles an hour until I comply. I didn’t need much encouragement.

So, I get on my computer and discover that Toby Keith is having a concert in San Antonio in about two weeks. The tickets are over a hundred and fifty, but I didn’t mind that. The problem is that I had neither driver’s license, nor car. If I wanted to go, I’d need someone to come with me. Enter mom. My mother–who was just as much a fan as I–was more than willing to go. A quick schedule change at work, a mistyped address, and several insanely stressful days with UPS finally led to the acquisition of tickets. When the day came, my mother and I took off.

The concert was wonderful. We were pretty high up and couldn’t see Toby Keith very well–even with my glasses–but heck, I was at my first concert with my favorite singer. Whose going to complain? And it was the perfect one for me to go to. He played a lot of the first songs I ever heard; Beer for my Horses, American Soldier, I Want to Talk About Me to name just a few. I had a blast.

My financial circumstances have changed since then and I’m not sure if I could do it again this year. But it was a one of a kind experience and if I do get the opportunity, I won’t hesitate.

I’ll jump on it with both feet.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 11.33.47 PM


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