Awake at the crack of dawn,

pawed in the face.

I first must release the dog,

who leaps outside at a speedy pace.

I quickly use the bathroom,

before returning to my list.

A brief exercise, a long breakfast;

my blog I wouldn’t miss.

Third is a bit of writing,

and read a book that’s coming due.

Set aside and take a shower,

followed with lunch is nothing new.

Honored fourth is a walk,

pepper spray in hand.

Tons of dishes, filthy counters;

isn’t cleaning grand?

With sixth gone, seventh comes,

writing is what I enjoy.

A wandering mind and many yawns,

I’m no winde up toy.

Circular eighth is corrections,

on a novel taking form.

Lots of typing, lots of printing;

revisions won’t be mourned.

The ninth and most elegant,

is the one that comes last.

It’s writing for my blog,

crossed out and lying in the past.


Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery used in this blog and have no artistic claim to it.


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