Not everyone loves flying. Being several thousand feet in the air and at the mercy of turbulence, mechanics, and someone else’s piloting aren’t always comforting notions. Me? I love flying, though my first time was rather nerve wracking.

I was ten when my mother, brother, and I went to visit my maternal grandparents in Texas. Only problem is that we lived in Georgia which is halfway across the country from the Lone Star State. My mother–rightly–didn’t want to spend two trips lasting three days or longer with two adolescent children in tow. Her solution? Flying on an airplane.

Now, I’d never been on an airplane before. On other circumstances I might’ve been nervous about the very idea, but I was to excited about our destination to think about it–not until we got on the airplane. Airplanes are enclosed spaces that force people into close proximity. Add to that stale, recycled air, strange noises, and the dawning realization that this mechanical behemoth must launch itself into the sky–and its no surprise that nerves quickly set in. Under such circumstances I did what I usually do–I quietly panicked. I sat in my seat, clutching one of the barf bags, and praying that we didn’t come to a fiery crash as the plane sped along the tarmac and took off.

Whatever horrendous disaster I’d envisioned occurring never happened. I didn’t barf either which was a relief. By the time the flight attendants started handing out snacks I was sufficiently relaxed and enjoying myself. I even mustered up my courage to slide up the screen covering my window and peer at the ground far below. Watching the world change as it slid by at–what seemed–a slow, leisurely pace had a therapeutic effect that banished the last of my nerves. In fact, I had my nose glued to the window for the entirety of the trip.

Eventually, we landed and our little vacation commenced. At the end of it I was sad to leave my grandparents–who spoiled me rotten–but I looked forward to the trip home and the window which would allow me to observed the changing world. To this day its what I enjoy the most about flying and I’ll stare out the window even when I have other things to do. It just goes to show that things aren’t always as scary as they seem.

And you never know where you’ll find an adventure.


Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery used in this blog post and have no artistic claim to it.


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