Where would you like to live? Ironically enough, I’m already there. Texas–the Lone Star State. That doesn’t mean that I’ve always liked the places I’ve found myself living in. In fact, some have been down right disasters.

When my family returned to the U.S. we initially resided in Bandera as we had family there who could help us with the move–and the first months rent. Everything was fine at first. Then our land lady–who we’d never met–went off the deep end. She didn’t fix the stove–which she’d promised to do–and tried to evict via a third party. We got a piece of computer paper with a note scrawled in marker on it that looked as if it had been written by someone who was a couple nuggets short of a happy meal. Basically, the note was giving us less than thirty days to get the hell out. It didn’t comply with the law so we didn’t have to, but my parents recognized that this wasn’t the best place for us to be. And since my dad was going to us his G.I. benefits to go to college in another town, we decided it was time to pull up stakes.

Our next house was located in Kerrville and I had issues with it immediately. One word: A/C. The thing was shoddy and it was just my luck that my room was the farthest from it. My parents room was fine, the kitchen was fine, the living room and my brothers were okay. Me? It was either sweltering hot during the summer, or ice cold during the winter. A no win situation. Then we had a pair of neighbors behind us who were under the impression that they lived on ten acres of land in the middle of nowhere. They’d play thumping mariachi music loudly enough to shake our house as late as 2 am in the morning. Let’s just say that the drunken shrieks weren’t the only reason the cops were called.

Then we had some drunken idiots ram a car into our house, utterly destroying our bathroom. Everything except the mirror–which was mounted on the opposite wall–was destroyed. It took our landlord two weeks to fix it and it seemed to lead to another problem–pests. Not long after this we started noticing bugs everywhere. Insect spray was ineffective. The industrial spray that our landlord had his workers use was only a temporary respite. After awhile we kind of gave up and learned to tolerate our new tenants. Then the rats came. Our walls were hollow and you could hear them scurrying and screeching at all hours. How this happened when we have three cats and two dogs I don’t know, but at least a few weeks of strategically placed traps got this issue taken care of. Is it good or bad that insects seem to be smarter than rodents?

We moved from that house and our current residence checks all my boxes. Working A/C, lack of pests, mariachi playing neighbors that aren’t as bad as our previous ones–although they’re still rude. I find I have very little to complain about which is a good thing.

After all, when you home is a state, your heart may have to tolerate a lot.


Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery used in this blog post and have no artistic claim to it.


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