I was once young and strong,

sturdy beams and polished glass.

Built on a well kept lawn,

strong enough to last.

First to move into my halls,

was a couple beautiful and sweet.

I watched as their family grew,

and they spoke to those on the street.

Soon I was to small for them,

and moved on they did.

My new tenants were very old,

and their poor upkeep was easily hid.

Outside the world grew darker,

and none spoke as they passed.

Gunfire and shattered windows,

it was the new normal that would last.

When those who’d claimed me died,

I was passed back to the young.

Irresponsible those ones were,

falling into disrepair was my new song.

A time came when they were taken away,

and I was left derelict in that lot.

I was sagging, tired, and very old,

who’d be the next tenant that I got?

Years past and I stood empty,

but around me things began to change.

People passed in harmony,

no more damage as they ranged.

And then someone came to me,

I felt a new life in store.

They fixed me up and cleaned me out,

I awaited those who walked though the door.


Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery used in this blog post and have no artistic claim to it.


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