Every writer has a story about how they came to be such. Regardless for how, they usually boil down to a love of stories in some fashion. Me? That’s easy. I love to read.

I was quite the misfit in school, never fitting in. In addition to being bullied, no one wanted to talk to me. The latter was especially challenging at lunch. Because I had no one to talk to I finish eating in ten minutes and spend the next twenty doing absolutely nothing which drove me nuts. I don’t handle boredom well and eventually–out of desperation–I brought a book with me and that’s how it all got started.

I love stories for many reasons and not just because they saved my sanity from boredom. On paper the impossible becomes possible. Nothing is beyond the reach of the mind. You can go to strange, far away places and meet people from every background and historical period imaginable. You can have adventures, witness battles with fire breathing dragons, cheer as your heroine defeats a great evil, and cry when something terrible happens to them. And best of all, they don’t judge you.

This also helped to fuel an overreactive imagination, something I wasn’t aware of until I started avidly reading. I have this habit of treating stories like an unfinished rubies cube. If I don’t feel that something’s right I rearrange it to how I feel it should be. No slight to the author’s of books that fell victim to my imagination, it’s just how my brain works. I’d alter scenes, bring characters together, and sometimes create my own characters within these fictitious universes and run them through the gauntlet of my mind.

Eventually, I got bored with this. Tired of using other people’s stories to entertain myself I decided to come up with my own. I won’t bore you with the many misfires and half finished tales of my early teenage years, but it was a small step in the direction of writing a full fledged story. The first such instance came when I was about fourteen. It took awhile to complete–I have a very short attention span–but when it was ‘finished’ I was pleased with myself and started working on a sequel novel.

As time passed, I’ve been drawn to other forms of writing as well; prompts, fan fiction writing, and this blog are just some of the examples. All involve telling stories, something that I truly love and hope to turn into a career and not just a hobby as so many have done before me. Whether or not that happens, I guess one thing unites all writers.

A love of stories that starts with paper and a pen.


Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery used in this blog post and have no artistic claim to it.


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