Summer is here. We may not have reached to official date–June 20th–but the time of tank tops, sunscreen, and ice cream has come to central Texas. It has also reawakened one of my long time summer habits that takes me straight back to my childhood–the consumption of the Icee.

Now, I’m not talking about just any generic garden variety Icee. I’m referring to the ones who’s cup depicts a polar bear in a red sweatshirt and blue sweat pants, riding a piece of ice as cool as the shades he wears. My earliest memories are of my dad taking my toddling, three year old self to the local 7-11 and getting one of these frozen treats in this specific cup. Why I should look on this time fondly, I’m not sure as my family was dirt poor with my dad struggling to maintain employment as we lived off of food stamps.

Not that it stayed that way. We eventually moved to Texas were my brother was born, my mother got a better job, and my dad joined the Air Force. Unfortunately, do to regional differences–and a town small enough to have only one light–my Icee fetish dried up. Not that it was the last one I had. I still came across my traditional preference from time to time, but once I moved to England I was forced to do with out.

A few months after my family returned from England, we moved to Kerrville where first my mother–and then I–got a job at a local retail store where they housed a McDonald’s and–much to my pleasure–an Icee machine of my age old favorite brand. Suffice to say I bought many of those treates from there, but my happiness was short lived. The Icee machine disappeared, taking my habit with it.

Recently, my family moved to a new town and I found another location that had my favorite treat. The second I took a sip I was immediately thrown back to the early memories that I described earlier and it got me wondering again. Why am I so obsessed with this particular type of Icee to the exclusion of all others? Eventually, I hit upon a theory. A three year old kid has few worries and gives little thought to adult troubles such as employment, food, and the hounds known as bills–all of which I now had to take into consideration. So the habits a quick fix. Take a sip, forget the bills. Simple really.

I find this theory to be highly probable. After all, on the same day I bought the Icee which prompted this post, I received a bill in the mail. Coincidence? I think not.



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