Writing a novel is like running a marathon–slow and steady followed by occasional bursts of speed, all of it funneling towards the end goal of completion. I’ve recently gotten to that point and thought I’d talk about my novel.


When Morgan Saran is exposed as a Heretic–an individual who can wield magic–she flees Etna only to be ambushed by the Rend. She’s rescued by a pair of dragons who offer her a deal; help them prove that the war between their people and humanity is based on lies, and she can earn her way back into human society. Morgan reluctantly agrees and what they discover not only challenges everything she believes, but sparks events that turn a search for the truth into a race against time.

The idea for the novel came after I watched Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer’s Curse (2015). While I was less than pleased with the movie, it nonetheless got me thinking about the dragons in the series as a whole and how these creatures always seem to get the short end of the stick. That sparked an idea: why don’t I write a novel about knights fighting dragons? Then I decided to modernize it and place the conflict in a post-apocalyptic North America and, vhola! A unique take on the dragon/knight concept.


Of course, coming up with an idea is the easy part. You’ve then got to write the novel which I did over the course of a year and a half. It might’ve taken longer, but I wanted to enter it in a writing competition as well as having someone review it before hand. All of this demanded that I place myself on a writing schedule–something I should’ve done in the beginning–which helped me finish it in time.

I asked a friend of mine to review my manuscript and I’m eternally grateful to him for doing so. Not only did he painstakingly go through it to correct my grammar and spelling–both of which I’m terrible at–but he also got the entire thing done and sent it back in time for me to perform most of the corrections. He also took the time to point out a few areas that could be improved which were fair and just criticisms.

Those will have to wait. I had to submit the novel to the competition as I’d run out of time for corrections. Hopefully, the novel will do well and I can at least achieve an honorable mention. It will be a few months before I find out the fate of my work and I intend to forestall any rewrites until then. In the meantimes, I’ll be working out the plot for the next novel, make a list of potential literary agents, and–most importantly–put myself on a writing schedule.

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Disclaimer: The photos used in this blog post are not mine and I have no artistic claim to them.


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