The Magic series by Ilona Andrews takes you all over post-shift Atlanta and occasionally to foreign locales, but there are a few places that pop up in almost every book due to their importance. If you feel the urge to pick this series up, pay special attention to the places described below.

The Casino

Headquarters of the People–who telepathically pilot vampires–it’s built on the grounds of the Georgia World Congress Center. While we may like tall, stately buildings made of metal, magic does not and–in this series–knocks down said buildings with abandon. So, what does the casino actually look like? Imagine a Taj Mahal type building chalk full of gambling machines and patrolled by undead, bloodthirsty monsters who’re telepathically controlled by the individuals running the place–and you’ll get the idea.


The People answer to Roland, a powerful man whose been alive for thousands of years. he’s also Kate’s biological father which causes the People–and their HQ–to play important roles in the series.

The Keep

While the Pack controls a large portion of land, their HQ is the Keep. Located in Suwanee, it is part fortress, part castle and is designed to be difficult to assault. In addition to that, it’s surrounded by woods and at any given time houses several hundred shape shifters–all of whom are incredibly strong and willing to bite your head off at a moments notice. So wipe your feet at the door and be polite when you enter.


The Pack is run by the Beast Lord Curran Lenart, a werelion whose encounters with Kate tend to end explosively. Kate would love to avoid him, but as a result of the Pack’s competition with the People, she’s forced to deal with him frequently which in turn leads the Pack into playing a larger role in the events of successive novels.

The Order

It’s full name is The Order of Knights of Merciful Aid, but it’s usually just referred to as the Order. One of three entities responsible for keeping people safe in the post-shift apocalypse, they work to project a humble and helpful image. But just as their name isn’t as simple as it appears, neither is their intent. Officially, they protect people from ‘dangers to humanity’, but that wonderful euphemism is rather narrow. If you don’t fall into what they think is human, well–lets just say that you’ll have fun in the afterlife.

knights fantasy art armor artwork kingdom under fire swordgirls swords 1920x1200 wallpaper_www.wallpaperto.com_81

A specific location for the Order isn’t given in the book, but it plays a predominant role in the first four books as Kate’s investigating the murder of her guardian–a knight–in Magic Bites and then works for them for the next three novels. Have fun watching Kate and the Order clash–repeatedly.

While most of the books revolve around Kate and what she does in various parts of Atlanta, these locations are visited frequently and often have an impact on the stories themselves. So you best pay attention.

Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery used in this blog post and have no artistic claim to it.


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