Genres Of Novels: Fiction

While I favor Science Fiction for my personal writing, my fictional reading is far more eclectic. This recently got me wondering, how many fiction genres are there, and how many of them have I read a book in? The answer to the latter part is below. Little Women (Classic) Of all the classic novels I've … Continue reading Genres Of Novels: Fiction


Magic Strikes: Third Times The Charm

Some series--regardless of the medium--suffer from the Beating A Dead Horse Syndrome. The same things are done over and over again, turning the series into nothing more than dull receptions. In Ilona Andrews Magic Strikes this isn't the case and only goes to prove how 'Third times the charm' can apply to success and not … Continue reading Magic Strikes: Third Times The Charm

Silent Watcher

Across the great expanse of dry, rough ground; stubby grass whose thirst has never been quenched despite distant water--close as well as far. It is here that the watcher always stands; silent, leaning; leafless beneath the sun. Years and decades has this sentinel stood; knarled by his trials--bowed by the times. It has witnessed the … Continue reading Silent Watcher