Who is a writer?

Novelists? Newspaper reporters? Those who suffer from crooked finger syndrome? As long as writing has existed there have been writers, but as the meaning of the word has expanded, so has the number of people who use that term. But is their a specific point when you can call yourself a writer, or must you wait until someone else bestows that title on you?

There might have been a time when the title of ‘writer’ was the sole property of traditional authors. But just as the means of writing has adapted and changed, so has this traditional mindset. There are self-publishers, ghost writers, and copywriters to name just a few. And what about manga and game guides? Sure, one is told primarily through imagery while the other is a guide to a preexisting idea, but the words came from somewhere. They had to be written first.


I’ve been writing since I was in the eighth grade and without any formal training. In that time, I’ve gone through two half novels, half-way through a series, and–just recently–started a trilogy which holds the most promise. But promise is all it is because I haven’t published anything yet.

So, why dod I write? I write because I love stories. I write to give shape to ideas forming in my head. I write because I love the act of writing itself. I can imagine doing nothing else. Does that make me a writer?

To ask the question is to answer it.

Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery used in this blog post and have no artistic claim to it.


5 thoughts on “Who Is A Writer?

  1. Often times I wonder about this. I write, and I write a lot, but I don’t consider myself a true writer. It’s hard to say when you reach that level, but if you feel you are a writer, then you are.

    For over a year now I’ve tried to get my stories noticed, but very little has come out of it. Maybe one day my stories will finally get noticed and I can publish them, perhaps.

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    1. It often boils down to getting your stories noticed by the right people. If you’re simply publishing then on a blog than not much will come of it. Sending a querry letter to a literary agent is your best bet but even that can be treacherous work. Also, learn from each act of writing. They’ll improve your skill until you can come up with something that can pass the gauntlet.

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      1. Thanks 🙂 I used to post my stories on Wattpad but I only got to about 60k reads. I do plan to query my stories in the future and see what happens. Hopefully, someone out there will like my work enough to publish it.

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