Books have been around almost since man first learned the art of writing. But while writing has evolved over the centuries, books have only taken a similar leap in the last decade. The E-books have revolutionized reading, allowing an individual to carry around a library in something not much bigger than a paperback. This revolution has gotten me wondering; will E-books completely replace their physical counterparts, or will they continue to exist harmoniously?


I remember when E-books first came out; dark grey, no color, and a computer key board. I was leery of these strange contraptions and rather offended that someone would dare to try and replace my beloved paperbacks. Not that I needed one at the time as my three shelf book case was more than sufficient for my small collection. I scoffed at the very idea of buying an E-book.

Unfortunately, this soon became a necessity. I’m a bookworm and keep ninety percent of the books I buy, cringing at the very thought of selling them. And as a result, my collection grew. I bought a five shelf book case and that served me for awhile, but I soon ran out of space. And I had no room for another bookshelf!


Drastic times called for drastic measures, and for Christmas I got a Kindle. I quickly fell in love. For a bookworm like myself, an E-book was the perfect answer and I have enjoyed it immensely over the years as it allows me to read whenever and wherever I want. Not to mention, my shelves aren’t crambed with books. It should be perfect.

I say should for a reason. Lately I’ve been craving a physical book, to have its weight in my hands and leaf through the pages with my fingers. I love the ability to slip back and forth at will and there is nothing like reading printed type. Does this mean that I regret having an E-Book? Of course not.


E-books are a wonderful innovation and are necessary for someone like me. But just as I can’t own every book in existence, I don’t have physical space for the ones that I do own. I think I’ve found a happy medium between the two; buy most of my books in electronic format, while occasionally reading a physical book to satisfy that urge.

In other words: balance.

Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery used in this blog post and have no artistic claim to it.


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