For something that–as of this moment–is little more than a hobby, I write a lot. I write short stories, poems, and work on a blog, all the while writing a trilogy that I hope will get published. However, nothing of substance has come out of it yet, which may have you wondering–why do I write?

Like many writers, it started with reading. As a kid, I read books at a ridiculous pace, primarily because I had few friends and needed something to keep me from getting bored. I also loved the stories themselves and the ability to visit far flub places that were both real and imaginary. Unfortunately, this also had an unintended side effect.


My mind treats books like a rubric’s cube whose sides haven’t been properly aligned. I was constantly running plot lines through my head, shifting and altering them, to make them work better. I also had a habit of mentally creating my own characters along with their own adventures that took place in the novel’s world.

Eventually, I got tired of this, of using other people’s books in my strange form of entertainment and decided to do some world building of my own. My first attempt–that I only vaguely recall–involved beings who lived for thousands of years, but had the appearance of children and had to fight alongside talking wolves. It was as ridiculous as it sounds and I eventually stopped and then lost the notebook I was in.


It wasn’t until I entered High School that I successfully finished writing a story, and one that I was proud of as well. Born of a short story assignment in my English class, it struck me as an interesting idea that–if expanded upon–would make an excellent novel. I did complete it in time, but fear of rejection and a lack of know-how kept me from trying to get it published until now. While I’ve had little success with that one, I have high hopes for the trilogy that that I’m currently writing. But it’s just a hope right now and you may be wondering why I put such effort into something that has yet to get me anywhere.

The answer to that is stories. Just as I love to read because of the tales printed within a book, so do I love to write and give life to the stories that I myself have come up with. Short stories, poems, novels–it doesn’t matter.

I write because I love to.

Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery used in this blog post and have no artistic claim to it.


4 thoughts on “What Led Me To Writing

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I often have these thoughts, too. Like why I write even though nothing comes of it. I guess writing is just in us and it’s hard to lose your passion.


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