Witches are a common theme in magic based books, usually appearing as solo individuals or as part of a coven. While this is seen in the Magic Series by Ilona Andrews, they introduce a new concept that I’ve never seen; The Oracle.


The Oracle resides in Centennial Park, which was collectively purchased by the various covens of Atlanta who then proceeded to turn it into a mini forest. Walking into those woods doesn’t guarantee one an audience with the Oracle as you have to walk into the mouth and down the throat of a giant turtle to reach them. That’s right. There meeting place is inside a turtle.

The Oracle consists of three witches; Sienna (the maiden), Edvodika (the mother), and Maria (the crone). Each one has a different gift related to their role, but together they act as a source of wisdom and protection to the covens. They also settle disputes. And when Kate needs answers, she goes to them.


With a coven missing, Morrigan’s hound robbing the Pack, and Formorians in pursuit of Julie–Kate needs answers and fast. So she travels to the Oracle in the hopes that they’ll give her information that’ll allow Kate to get to the bottom of the mess she finds herself in. The Oracle is willing to give Kate this information, but only if Kate performs a favor for them.

From the beginning of the series, Ilona Andrews has found ways to put new twists on old concepts and doesn’t fail to disappoint here. And while the Oracle may play a minor role in Magic Burns, you would do well to remember them as they will continue to play a part in future events. Edvodika especially.

Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery used in this blog post and have no artistic claim to it.


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