While I favor Science Fiction for my personal writing, my fictional reading is far more eclectic. This recently got me wondering, how many fiction genres are there, and how many of them have I read a book in? The answer to the latter part is below.


Little Women (Classic)

Of all the classic novels I’ve read–and I’ll admit that’s not many–Little Women is one of my favorites in this genre. I like how each sister has a unique personality as well as faults and I enjoyed watching each one address them in turns.


Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (Comic/Graphic Novel)

While they’re are plenty of Star Wars books–which belong in the Science Fiction genre–this particular series has only ever been adapted to comics and is my favorite. Taking place during the Mandalorian Wars and Revan’s rise to power, it follows a misfit Jedi Padawan whose wrongfully accused of murder and is forced to flee for his life. I loved reading his adventures, especially as Revan is often seen hovering in the background.


Midnight Thief (Fantasy)

Midnight Thief is one of my favorite fantasy novels as it grabs your attention from the first sentence and doesn’t let go until the last. Filled with suspense, twists, and heart-breaking consequences, it is one of the best books that I’ve read in a long time.


The Irish Princes (Historical Fiction)

Set in the time period of King Henry VIII, The Irish Princess engaged my attention for two reasons; it was set in one of the most important periods of history, and it started with one of the most attention grabbing sentences that I ever read. The novel follows Gera from the time when she is a young girl, through the destruction reeked upon her family by the Tudor King, and her eventual return to Ireland. I’ve always loved an underdog tale and this one proved to be all this and more.


Nancy Drew (Mystery)

As a young girl I loved reading Nancy Drew, primarily because they were considered beyond my reading level at the time. While I’ve never been good at solving mysteries myself, I’ve always found them fascinating and loved to read about them. Also–because I was blond at the time–I liked to think that I was Nancy solving these crimes.


Lost In Translation (Science Fiction)

While most of the Science Fiction novels that I’ve read have been Star Wars or Halo novels, Lost In Translation is one of the exceptions–and one of the best that I’ve read. With empaths not only being able to sense emotion, but being the only ones who can act as language translators, you have an interesting concept. Add to that a galaxy destroying war and only two people who want to stop it–and you have an exciting plot line.


While it’s all too easy to get stuck in your favorite type of novels, I urge you to reach beyond your comfort zone. There are thousands of books out there and you never know when one that you discount without thought could strike your fancy.

Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery used in this blog post and have no artistic claim to it.


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