Magic Bleeds: Fighting Family

They say that family fights the hardest and in Ilona Andrew's magic Bleeds that is certainly true. So far in the series Kate has battled Slavic vampires, celtic deities, and demons out of Hindu mythology. But this time around her opponent is Erra, her father's older sister who--just like her younger brother--has been around for … Continue reading Magic Bleeds: Fighting Family


Why A Cat Is Not Conducive To Writing

Cats are wonderful creatures. They make fantastic pets, terrific friends, and are incredibly self sufficient. They also can be incredibly demanding and while they may be good for many things, writing is not one of them. My cat's name is Tachita and she is the embodiment of the phrase, 'Dogs have masters, cats have staff.' … Continue reading Why A Cat Is Not Conducive To Writing

Too Much

It's all bright and loud, thought pulled a thousand ways. It's so demanding, lengthening the days. Whirlwind of noises, of brilliant sights and sounds. Can't focus my mind, when a whirlwind abounds. What to focus on, how to ignore all else? All count my focus, and keep me to themselves. It is all too much, … Continue reading Too Much