I’ve both read and wrote short stories. Not many–I’ll admit–but it’s happened. Usually, those versions of narratives are no more than short skits of entertainment, but as I’ve written over the years, they’ve become so much more.

Short stories can be the bed rock of good ideas. The first novel that I ever wrote started out as a short story assignment for an english class where the only requirement was that it center upon something that was lost. I’m a major Star Wars fan and so I centered my story around aliens, space battles, and far away planets. Upon completing the assignment I thought that the short story would make an excellent novel and started adapting it.

After more time than I care to admit I had the novel as well as plans for a five part series. And while this is the only short story turned novel I’ve done so far, I’ve created a few short adventures that I think would work well for the adaptation.

A Thief of Twilight

A Thief Of Twilight

I created this short story for a competition. Set in a fantasy world with magic and betrayal, and where elves and dwarves have long since vanished, the protagonist is tasked with recovering a lost artifact before its theft destroys her family.


When I came up with this concept, I thought it would make an excellent series, especially when I tied it to the ‘Crown of Kings’, a mystical crown that was lost centuries prior and–unbeknownst to everyone–had been broken into several pieces. While each book would take place around a different series of events, all would involve the main character unwittingly recovering one of these lost pieces before facing the epic conclusion.

The Exiles

The Exiles

Another short story idea for a competition, this one was a fantasy/sci-fi adventure based on elves who aren’t immortal unless their queen–the only true immortal–grants it to them. She can also take it away. The only people who stand up to her are the Exiles, a rebel band determined to bring the queen down.


Because all the novel ideas that I’ve come up with so far had been series related, I counted this one–if I did it–to be a stand alone novel. And with the concept, I think it works. The story follows a mortal protagonist who’s given her chance to earn immortality, but she must first assassinate the Exile’s leader. As she infiltrates the rebel group she has conflicting thoughts, hesitation about murder, and questions if immortality is all its cracked up to be.

In the end–when the queen betrays her–she sides with the Exiles, helping to bring the queen down. Once that happens, there’s no need for a sequel. Everyone is accounted for, all threads are tide u, and no lingering questions are left. The End.


Don’t get me wrong. Coming up with a novel concept straight out of the bat is great and I’ve done that, but short stories shouldn’t be discounted. Great ideas can come from anywhere, even from a tale 12,000 words or less.

Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery used in this blog and have no artistic claim to it.


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