Every book with a hero must have a resident bad guy, the one who’s nefarious plots must be stopped at all cost. For Kate Daniels, living in a magical post-apocalyptic Atlanta, her opposition is usually a mythological creature, though the specific individual changes with each novel. In Magic Burns it was Morfran and the Formorians. In Magic Strikes, it is the Rakshasas.

In Hindu mythology, the Rakshasas were created from the breadth of Brahma and promptly started to eat their creator. It was only due to a call for aide and the prompt arrival of Vishnu that Brahma avoided becoming breakfast and the Rakshasas were banished to the Earth. For the most part, the Rakshasas were depicted as gully and fierce creatures of enormous size who were cannibals and occasionally drank blood. Most stories also claim that they could fly, vanish, and had the ability to cast illusions.


In Magic Strikes, the Rakshasas are portrayed pretty much as described above, but use their illusionistic skills to pass themselves off as humans when they need to. They are also incredibly vain, violent, and despise the Pack with all the furry of the sun. But while they want to destroy the Pack, they lack sufficient numbers to do so and thus enter the Midnight Games to win the Wolf Diamond (Rudra Mani) which will allow them to hamstring the shape shifters abilities and wipe them off of the face of the planet. Can Kate and her allies stop them before its too late?

Ilona Andrews has always taken concepts from mythology and portrayed them in new ways while staying true to the core concepts. I loved this as I read the encounters with the Rakshasas and how they fit into an urban fantasy novel.


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