They say that family fights the hardest and in Ilona Andrew’s magic Bleeds that is certainly true. So far in the series Kate has battled Slavic vampires, celtic deities, and demons out of Hindu mythology. But this time around her opponent is Erra, her father’s older sister who–just like her younger brother–has been around for thousands of years. And when this ancient woman comes to Atlanta, the city quickly starts to fall apart.

Except he wasn’t really a god. I would’ve preferred a god, but Erra was something much, much worse.


Back when Erra and Roland were young, they got into conquering everything in sight. They came upon Babylon–one that was crumbling because magic was fading from the world–the two siblings had a disagreement. Roland didn’t want to try and conquer it because the leader was well loved and he felt that it would be too much effort to take the city over. However, this ruler angered Erra in some way and she left her brother to raze the city to the ground by unleashing her flesh golems and hitting it with every plauge known to man. Afterwards, people were so terrified of her that they turned her into a ‘man’ and refused to worship her.

“You have no discipline. All you do is tear shit down. My father is a bastard, but at least he builds things. You turn cities into smoking ruins and blunder about like some hyper child, smashing anything you see. And then you sit here and wonder, ‘Why did all of my children turn out to be violent idiots? It’s a mystery of nature.’ “


In the time that Erra is in Atlanta she does a lot of damage. She attacks a bar, a synagogue, the Mercenary Guild, the Casino (The People’s HQ), the Order, the Pack, and pretty much reeked havoc which seems to be her middle name. She also tries to kill Kate repeatedly and much of the destruction she causes is a result of those repeated attempts. Of course, this sweet old aunt isn’t going to let her niece be and so Kate has to kill her to save the city and herself. The only problem is, once the dust settles and this 4,000 year old women is dead, what will Roland do? It’s a no win situation, but first, Kate must survive, preferably with Atlanta still intact.

Until this point in the series Kate’s biological family has always taken a back seat. It’s been in the back of your mind, but never really given it’s due and part of me can see why. If this is what happens when between a feuding aunt and niece, what will the battlefield look like after a feuding father and daughter are finished?

Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery or book quotes used in this blog and have no claim to either.


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