Cats are wonderful creatures. They make fantastic pets, terrific friends, and are incredibly self sufficient. They also can be incredibly demanding and while they may be good for many things, writing is not one of them.

My cat’s name is Tachita and she is the embodiment of the phrase, ‘Dogs have masters, cats have staff.’ She believes that our home is her little kingdom and that all who dwell under the roof exist to serve her every desire and whim, me especially. She wants food? I hear about it. She doesn’t like something that I’m doing? She lets me know. If I’m gone too long? Boy do I get an earful.


But her greatest demand is attention. She wants to be at the center of it 24/7, every single day of the year. Nothing I do is more important than Tachita–in her mind–even my writing. Writing a novel is challenging under normal conditions, but when you add a cat to the mix it’s downright difficult. Because I don’t really have a table to write on I usually sit on my bed and do it. Unfortunately, Tachita naturally assumes that this is the perfect time to garner some of my much needed attention. She walk up and sit on my stomach–despite me having a notepad there–and start purring up a storm. She can also be more subtle. Sometimes, she’ll sit on my shoulders and drape herself down my chest. I don’t know about you, but it is exceedingly difficult to write when their is a fifteen pound weight on the shoulder that corresponds to your writing arm.

Of course, I eventually push her off, but as you can figure she’s never pleased with such actions. Still, despite making my life as a writer difficult, I love the feisty ball of fluff. She may not be helpful when it comes to writing, but she’s a sweet cat all the same.


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