Anyone whose a follower of my blog–or has simply read my posts–will be viewing this one as coming from the left field. After all, it’s been months since my last blog. What happened? Was I kidnapped, have a sudden lack of memory, or did the world of cyberspace kick me off? To all of these; no. I simply when on a hiatus.

When I first started my blog back in February, it seemed like a good idea for many reasons; a chance to mingle with people who share my love of books and writing, an opportunity to polish my own writing skills, and a means of developing a ‘presence’ as I finished writing a novel I hope to see published.


At first, it was easy. I wrote two blog posts every day and I found people who liked what I wrote. But this proved too much when put against a part-time job while simultaneously writing a novel. So I scaled back to four blog posts a week while tailoring my blog more specifically to books and writing.


And for awhile this too worked and I was able to get my posts done with nary a problem until things changed. Eventually, writing the posts became an extraordinary effort. It was no longer an entertaining diversion, but a pain in the rear that became horrendously difficult to do. It got to the point that I ended up skipping a week which intern became two. Two became a month and a month became several until it had been so long that I couldn’t remember the last post that I’d done. So, what happened? In a phrase; rat race.


Like many people in modern society, I’ve conditioned myself to stay busy. The only problem was that I got so busy that I felt as if I was constantly on a treadmill; always going but never getting anywhere. It was exhausting and I couldn’t keep it up. Something had to give and, unfortunately, it was my blog.

Eventually, I realized what I was doing to myself and slowly started to scale back on projects, learning to prioritize the things that were the most important such as my writing which is what led to me starting this post.

Writing and reading have always been passions of mine and being an author has been a dream that I’ve held for many years. I’m currently seeking representation for a novel that I just wrote while working on its successor. I also realize that my reasons for starting the blog–particularly in polishing my writing skills–are still valid, and thus the blog should be a priority.


And so, I have returned. My posts will be much the same as they have been in the past, focusing on writing, books, and things of that like. I plan to do one post a week, both to avoid a burnout and to insure a pace that I can keep up with. It will be fun seeing what happens in the coming weeks and months–just so long as I don’t take another trip through the wandering woods.

Disclaimer: The artwork used in this post isn’t mine and I have no artistic claim to it.


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