In the Magic series by Ilona Andrews a mythical creature/deity is usually the villain at the center of a stories events. But in Magic Slays, this takes a different turn for Kate finds herself going up against the Lighthouse Keepers; a secret, fanatical group hell bent on destroying not only magic users, but magic itself. And when Kate is hired to track down a missing inventor and his device, she realizes that the Lighthouse Keepers may be closer to their goal than anyone realizes.


“They hate magic, they hate magic users, they hate magic creatures, and they would love to exterminate the lot of us with extreme prejudice.”

The Lighthouse Keepers believe that technology–that is, the world before the Shift–is the perfect state of humanity and that magic is reverting us to barbarism while simultaneously dragging us back to the dark ages. Naturally, they decide that the best way to avert all of this is to kill everyone who falls under the label of ‘magic’. I guess the old adage is true; the more things change the more they stay the same. The Lighthouse Keepers indoctrinate people, create sleeper cells, and activate them as the need arrises to carry out terroristic attacks. But they have a problem; even if they can kill most or all of people who have magic, they can’t get rid of magic itself. This in turn will cause a new generation of magic users and thus render their work pointless, until they get their hands on Adam Kamen’s device.


I raised my hand. “Saiman, what does it do?”

He stared at me for a long moment. “You don’t know?”

“Who is asking obvious questions now?”

Saiman leaned forward. “It destroys magic, Kate.”

Adam Kamen was an inventor who created a machine that forces magic to collapse in on itself. Originally, it was meant as a means for technology–such as dialysis machines–to work during a magic wave by creating a ‘bubble’ around them. When the Lighthouse Keepers learned of Kamen’s device they attempted to kidnap him and take the prototype. They failed in the former, but succeeded in the latter as you learn with devastating results.


Bodies lay in the streets. Laborers. Mothers with their children. A group of men armed with crossbows, probably just passing through. A cop, a short blond woman, her uniform pristine, lying face down on the pavement two steps away from her police horse.

Adam Kamen’s device acts like a bomb. When detonated it destroys all magic within it’s blast radius, including the magic within individuals. The loss of magic is such a shock that it kills people. Worse, when a magic wave hits, the area in which the bomb is detonated does not become saturated with magic–ever. After it is tested on the city of Palmetto, the Lighthouse Keepers have a new target–Atlanta. Unless Kate, the Pack, and their allies can find the bomb and the Keepers before they detonate it, the city will die and magic will quickly fall.

Keeping a series fresh and interesting is a challenge, especially when you have one as long running as the Magic series. Ilona Andrews shows how this can be done by not only reinventing old concepts, but taking a different turn for the villains of your novel.

Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery or quotes used in this blog and have no claim to them.


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