Kate Daniels has dealt with many crises since the debut of Magic Bites. From slavic vampires to celtic deities, from working for the Order to becoming the Consort of Atlanta’s pack; she’s never had a dull moment. But after the events of Magic Slays it becomes apparent that Hugh d’ Ambray is on the verge of exposing her to her father. So when an invitation comes across the sea to mediate a dispute, Kate sees this as the perfect opportunity to fall off of Hugh’s radar. Little does she know that the invitation is a trap, in more ways than one.

The panacea was produced by European shape shifters, who guarded it like gold. The Pack had been trying to reverse engineer it for years and had gotten nowhere. The herbal mixture reduced chances of loupism at birth by seventy-five percent and reversed mid-transformation in one third of teenagers. There used to be a man in Atlanta who somehow managed to smuggle it in small batches, which he sold to the Pack at exorbitant prices, but a few weeks ago the shape shifters had found him floating in a pond with his throat cut.


Being a shapeshifter isn’t all roses and sunshine in Kate’s world. It has a price. Loupism occurs when Lyc-v–the virus that facilitates their existence–blooms in unprecedented levels. Loups are sadistic canabalistic monsters who murder, rape, and commit other horrific acts of depravity until someone puts them out of the worlds misery. Once loupism occurs there’s no going back and more often than not louis are children who have to be killed by their own parents. It’s a horrific situation to find oneself in and when Kate and Curran are offered Paneca–the only thing that can prevent or reverse loupism–in exchange for mediating a dispute in Georgia, they know they can’t refuse. It’s an obvious trap. But it isn’t until they get there that they realized who it’s for, and who set it up.

It dawned on me that Curran was sitting completely still, staring straight ahead with focused intensity.

“Lord Megobari,” a man announced.

I turned. At the far entrance, between two dijigts, Hugh d’Ambray strode into the hall.


Hugh d’ Ambray hasn’t forgotten how Kate broke Roland’s sword or any of the things that she’s done since. He’s been actively gathering information on her and orchestrated the fiasco with Desandra to get Kate there so that he could attempt to force her to go to her father. Kate has no intention of playing nice, but as they come under attack from mysterious shape shifters and face the prospect of losing the Paneca, Kate is forced to ask one, crucial question; can she save those she loves and escape with what they desperately need, or will she finally have to face her father?

No one can run forever. Sometimes, you simply have to stand and fight.

Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery or book quotes used in this post and have no claim to them.


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