In Magic Rises things didn’t end very well. Lamassu attacked Kate and Co., the castle they were in was set on fire, Aunt B was killed, and Hugh d’ Ambry–Roland’s warlord–and his Order of Iron Dogs attempted to capture Kate and take her to her father. It was a wakeup call for Kate and Curran; a war with Roland was coming, soon, and it wasn’t going to be pretty. In Magic Breaks, little do they know just how soon it will be.

“Run!” Hugh thundered, his voice chasing us. “Run to your pathetic castle! You have until noon tomorrow to give me the murderer or I’ll end you! If I see you in our territory, I’ll kill you!”

Hugh d’ Ambry isn’t about to let Kate get away a second time. When an opportunity to capture her and start a war with the Pack–which Roland wants destroyed comes up–Hugh takes advantage of it. A Master of the Dead has been murdered by a shapeshifter and Hugh gives Kate only twelve hours to find the murderer and turn them over before the People assault the Keep. Except he has no intention of waiting that long. Hugh pursues Kate and her allies through Atlanta as they struggle to find answers while staying one step ahead of him. With time running out and no allies, Kate is going to need her wits and all of her magic to save the pack and keep out of Hugh’s hands.

I reached for Slayer. Laughter bubbled up. “Go ahead, Hugh. Make my day. I’m really frustrated right now. I need to vent. Please.”

He glared at me.

“You’ve lost,” I told him. “I called your bluff. Take your goons and go home.”

While Kate manages to find the shapeshifter who murdered a Master of the Dead and avert a war, her personal battle is far from over. With his plan having backfired Hugh takes drastic measures by forcibly teleporting Kate to a cell in an unknown location. Cut off from her friends and allies and with no way out, it looks like Hugh has Kate where he wants her. Can she find a way to escape before he tries to take her to her father? Can Curran find her? Those are questions that circle in your head from this point in the book onwards.

By this point in the series I’d begun to wonder if Kate was ever going to confront her father. When it finally does come it’s one of the most heart pounding moments in a book I’ve read, and ends in a way that I didn’t expect.

Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery used in this blog post nor the book quotations.


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