First person POV seems to be making a comeback in recent years with books such as the Twilight Saga and the Percy Jackson series being written in this style to name a few. Even I, someone who finds first person to be challenging, am writing a trilogy with it. First person has it’s challenges, but there are also benefits to it that you don’t see in second or third person. Here are some of them.


While humor is not exclusive to first person POV this style seems to use it the best. From the Magic series by Ilona Andrews to Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs, the humor of characters and events seems to be at there best when written in this style. I’ve never laughed so hard nor enjoyed myself because of a characters wit then when reading books in this particular vein.

Intimate Perspective

As the name suggests, first person POV is written with the noun I and draws you tightly into the story by telling it from the perspective of a characters mind instead of having a reader as an observer. This gives you a greater understanding of the characters and invokes a great deal more empathy for their plights.

A Different Style Of Writing

As I said in the beginning, first person POV seems to be more challenging than the other styles, but it also seems to be more rewarding. Books written in first person flow differently, get you wrapped up in a sense of adventure, and above all seem to dictate a fast paced adventure. I can’t say that it’s true for all novels of this ilk, but it’s something I’ve noticed and has drawn me to books written like this again and again.

First person isn’t better or worse than any other POV, but it has its advantages. With first person narratives becoming more common recently, perhaps I’m not the only one to notice. Regardless, any good book is worth reading, especially when you know what it is about them that draws you into their pages.


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