The last Kate Daniels novel ended with an epic showdown between Kate and her father that resulted in her claiming Atlanta out from under him along with Kate and Curran stepping down and leaving the pack to have a normal life. But ‘normal’ is questionable in Post-Shift Atlanta, especially when your father is a 4,000 year old man hell bent on conquering the world. But that gets put on the back burner in Magic Shifts as a new player has come to town and kidnapped one of their friends from the pack.

“What happened?” Curran asked.

George took a deep breath. Her face was pale, her features sharp, as if her skin were stretched too tight on her face. “Eduardo is missing.”

Eduardo is a werebuffalo who–along with George, the daughter of Clan Heavy Alpha Mahon–went with Kate and Co. to Europe to recover the Panacea in Magic Rises. After that adventure, he and George became close and started dating, but kept it a secret because Mahon has some medieval views about which shapeshifters should get together. Eduardo took a job with the Mercenary Guild to provide a life for George, but went missing. When Mahon seemed uninterested in finding Eduardo, George went to Kate and Curran. They agree to search for the missing werebuffalo, but soon realize that the person who took him is no pushover and has magic nearly as old as Kate’s.

“It’s an ifrit, so it loves fire. The last giant was almost seventy feet tall. He was still transforming when I cut him down: metal legs, high heat. Low intelligence, no speech, lots of rage, and fun reanimate metamorphosis once he’s down. His corpse transformed into draconids.”

Ifrits are middle-eastern genies, but have nothing in common with the cheery I’ll-Grant-You-Three-Wishes one you encounter in Disney’s Aladdin. These things are powerful, nasty, arrogant, and vindictive as hell. And their three wishes are merely a pretext for them to gain control of your mind and turn you into a rage stomping giant that will destroy everything in sight. Did Eduardo cross this Ifrit? Not personally. An ancestor did. And sense Ifrit’s can hold a grudge to the end of time, this one decided to punish Eduardo for his ancestor’s sins.

“One of my clansmen had the gift of prophecy. He could reach further into his dreams than I could. He told me that Shakush was driven by vengeance. Three ifrit warriors had performed the containment ritual and now Shakush was hunting their descendants, killing them one by one. After he was done, he would turn on the rest of the clan that had betrayed him. That meant that eventually he would make his way to me. I have seen my ancestor’s face in my dreams. he was the one who fitted the lid onto the amulet.”

The ifrit intends to torture Eduardo to death in repayment for what his ancestor did. Kate and Curran are desperate to save their friend, but as they race against the clock to find him and the ifrit the war with her father looms. Even if Kate wins this battle, Roland is far from finished with her, or trying to control her for his own ends.

Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery used in this blog post and have no claim to it.


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