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As a conventional physician, I am regularly repelled by many false and unscientific claims made to the public by both qualified and unqualified persons. Thus I have decided to set the record straight on many subjects, all of which have been carefully researched and backed by solid science.

The following is a small sample of these subjects:

1) How to—and not to—lose weight properly

2) Is there any advantage in eating breakfast?

3) What are trans fats and their impact on health?

4) What is the current health status of coffee, tea, and chocolate?

5) What constitutes a healthy diet and how much salt and other minerals should it contain?

6) Helpful tips about pain killers, allergies, and heartburn.

7) What are the scientific facts concerning energy drinks, genetically modified and organic foods, and gluten free diets?

8) How useful are yearly medical checkups?

9) Should you be drinking bottled or hard water?

10) How badly are big pharmaceutical companies ripping off consumers with their incessant media ads?

11) How accurate are the so-called TV Doctor Shows?

These subjects and many others are included.



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