Below are my ten most favorite books that I’ve read.



While I love the entire series, Eragon has a special place in my heart because it brought dragons and a fantasy story together in a way that I hadn’t seen until then.


Magic Bites

Coming across this book was a gift from God. The unique premise along with the wit and humor of the protagonist made this a wonderful read. I’ve never laughed as hard as I did when reading this book.


Maximum Ride

I was about the same age as Max when I got this book and loved her humor and ability to stick it to the Erasers and the Facility. I may’ve outgrown the series, but I look back on them–and this book in particular–fondly.

The Pledge

The Pledge

This novel fascinated me with its unique premises and a compassionate heroine who loved her little sister dearly and was trying to survive in a harsh world. I loved how the reader gave you just enough information to keep you hooked, but not so much that you could be certain of what was happening.


Little Women

A literary classic, I love reading about this young family with their joys and trials and seeing how much they love each other. Each sister is unique and I loved watching each one grow up.


Grave Mercy

This is another book that I love as dearly as the series it founded. Esmee is a remarkable protagonist who strives to carve out her own place in a world controlled by men while seeking to protect her sovereign.


Black Beauty

It’s not often that you see a novel written from the perspective of an animal which is what makes Black Beauty stand out. I loved his gentle nature and empathized with him whenever his situation took a turn for the worst. I was overjoyed when he finally fell into the arms of an old friend and was able to live out his days in peace.


The Giver

I liked this book because it not only questioned whether not a utopia could actually exist, but also what we might be sacrificing to create it. The book doesn’t necessarily answer the questions it raises, but it does leave you thinking even after you’ve finished.


Old Republic: Revan

Revan is my favorite character from the Star Wars universe. He is one of the few Sith Lords who fought strategically against the Jedi and nearly conquered the Republic. He also created the Holocron whose information led Darth Bane to create the Rule of Two which makes him a precursor to Palpatine.


The Host

I loved The Host because it wasn’t your typical alien invasion story. Not only did it create an interesting dynamic for the romance, but the voices of Wander and Melanie were so distinct that I could easily tell them apart.


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