I love to read. Of course, anyone could guess that when I run a blog dedicated to writing, but some things must be said. Despite that, some books resonate more strongly than others; sweeping sagas, intriguing and unseen before premises, emotive characters–some tales resonate long after you finish the last page. In light of this, below I’ve listed my top favorite reads of this year so far. Have a look.



While I love the Bailey Flanigan Series as a whole, the first book Leaving holds a special place in my heart for many reasons, chief amongst which is that I went through a similar situation as Bailey with a boyfriend break up and it took me a while to get past that. Add to that a believable cast of characters and life challenges and a young girl trying to uphold her faith and I was hooked.


City of Masks

I’m used to finding a book with A character that I like, but falling in love with the three protagonists of this book was a special treat. Notch, Sophia, and Aiin all have different interlocking paths in the story arc, but each relates and weaves into each other well and they have their own unique personalities, struggles, and reasons for which you want them to succeed. They are the reason that I would one day want to read the rest of the trilogy.


Eon: Dragoneye Reborn

Set in a far eastern style culture Eona–referred to as Eon–is set in an interesting world and whose plight and circumstances make her immediately sympathetic especially as her situation only deteriorates as the plot unfolds. I worried when she did, felt fear as she did, and when personal betrayals came to light, I felt her rage. Rare has it been when I’ve felt such empathy for a character or come across such a unique setting.

fire touched_front mech.indd

Fire Touched

I’ve never read any of Patricia Briggs novels before but I loved this one especially Mercy whose tough attitude, quick wit, and sense of humor reminded me greatly of Kate Daniels in the self-named series written by husband and wife team Ilona Andrews. In addition to that this was one of the few books I’ve read that you could pick up in the middle of a series and know what was going on without feeling lost.



While I love Eragon, Eldest holds a special place in my heart for the simple fact that it branches to encompass three characters instead of one; Eragon, his cousin Roran, and Nassuada–the new leader of the Varden. Each of them is fleshed out with their own plot line, motives, and mountains to climb. It was wonderful weaving between the two of them and seeing what would happen at each turn.

I’ve always enjoyed reading books and going to far off adventures. I can’t wait to see what books I discover in the rest of the year and what adventures they have in store.


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