A massive city, a small town, the suburbs, or a metropolitan area–living in anyone of these means you probably aren’t far from a library. For me, an unashamed and long time book worm, the library is a life saving source for all things literature. Give me a choice between a bookstore and the library and you can probably guess where I’ll be.

For me, books serve two purposes; a source of adventure in fictional pursuits and a means of acquiring knowledge. However, the purchasing of books costs money and–much as I wish–there will never be enough money in my account to purchase every book in the world. I don’t have the space either. The world’s solution to this? The library.


The local library is chalk full of books that–provided you return on time–can be borrowed at no cost. I have a galactic database at my fingertips on every subject imaginable. True, a library many not have every book you want or said book can have an avid line of readers whom you’ll have to wait behind, but there’s such a large selection that you’ll never be without something to read. In fact, I’d love to see someone who claims to have read every book in their local libraries possession.

I’ve haunted libraries as long as I can remember. A place with new adventures around every corner where you can learn new thing, the library is more than a requirement. It’s a paradise. And I, for one, will never leave.


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