The Empty Seat

It sits suspended underneath the shade, beneath the trees and the blistering hot sun. Warm, chipped paint tells of memories gone by; the empty space tells how long ago it was. It witnessed the happy and the mournful; the sight of the angry and the sorrow. Holder of both the lost and the found years, … Continue reading The Empty Seat


Too Much

It's all bright and loud, thought pulled a thousand ways. It's so demanding, lengthening the days. Whirlwind of noises, of brilliant sights and sounds. Can't focus my mind, when a whirlwind abounds. What to focus on, how to ignore all else? All count my focus, and keep me to themselves. It is all too much, … Continue reading Too Much

Sunset Deer

The sun sets, easing its blistering rays; grass grows golden in its caress and the shadows lengthen and darken too. Night comes but she stays, crouching in the light. Guardian and last watcher of the day. She regards me with calm and regales; resting in shadow and bathed in the sun. I gaze into her … Continue reading Sunset Deer

Silent Watcher

Across the great expanse of dry, rough ground; stubby grass whose thirst has never been quenched despite distant water--close as well as far. It is here that the watcher always stands; silent, leaning; leafless beneath the sun. Years and decades has this sentinel stood; knarled by his trials--bowed by the times. It has witnessed the … Continue reading Silent Watcher