A Thanksgiving Of Tofu

Thanksgiving is a holiday iconicized by food. We all gather with family and friends to gorge ourselves on turkey, yams, and other well known treats. While new dishes may be introduced, they rarely deviate from tradition. But in one of my families Thanksgivings, it did and let's just say that the results--well, they were interesting … Continue reading A Thanksgiving Of Tofu


A Close Encounter With A Rake

I'm a klutz. Not just when it comes to sports, but when it comes to life in general. I've had a string of freak accidents over my life time which have been as unusual as the carelessness that caused them. One in particular stands out in my memory that involved getting up close and personal … Continue reading A Close Encounter With A Rake

Things You Shouldn’t Tell An Inexperienced Driver

I only have a driver's permit. Anyone who's been behind a wheel long enough knows that this means that I haven't been driving for long. Common sense would dictate accepting that such an individual won't have the skills of a more experienced driver and should be treated accordingly. I've found that--when it comes to my … Continue reading Things You Shouldn’t Tell An Inexperienced Driver