Magic Breaks

In Magic Rises things didn't end very well. Lamassu attacked Kate and Co., the castle they were in was set on fire, Aunt B was killed, and Hugh d' Ambry--Roland's warlord--and his Order of Iron Dogs attempted to capture Kate and take her to her father. It was a wakeup call for Kate and Curran; … Continue reading Magic Breaks


Book Review: Eldest

In Eragon you're introduced to a young farm boy whose discovery of a strange blue stone shatters his peaceful life and thrusts him into the center of a conflict between a group of valiant rebels and a corrupt Empire. Trying to hunt down those who destroyed his family while staying one step ahead of the … Continue reading Book Review: Eldest

Magic Rises: Shapeshifters and Mythology

Shapeshifters play a large role in Ilona Andrews Magic Series and the authors have never hesitated to reinvent or adapt them as necessary. In Magic Rises this is done twice by delving into the mythologies of two different cultures. A weredolphin. Pinch me, somebody. Greek legends spoke of some pirates who captured the god Dionysus. … Continue reading Magic Rises: Shapeshifters and Mythology

Final Fantasy XV-A Tragic Story Done Right

Tragic stories where the main protagonist dies or fails to save something they care about are incredibly rare. Readers aren't just conditioned to expect the happy ending were everything ends well and a sense of satisfaction and completion is achieved. It's why tragic stories are difficult to create, but not impossible. In order for your … Continue reading Final Fantasy XV-A Tragic Story Done Right