Death’s Assassin-Epilogue

Keaton stood a respectful distance behind Gale as he laid flowers on his sister's grave. His head still throbbed after being knocked out which seemed like a blessing, considering what Gale had attempted to describe. After the two of them had been taken out of the USAMRIID, they'd laid low, fearing that the Army would … Continue reading Death’s Assassin-Epilogue


Death’s Assassin-Ch 5

Keaton realized that he was in over his head. Well, he'd figured that out awhile back. It just didn't sink in until he'd watched Brook slam Blade--the last of the Assassins to be sent after them--into the wall. The Assassin bounced off and whipped around, swinging one of her knives toward Brook. She ducked and … Continue reading Death’s Assassin-Ch 5

Death’s Assassin-Ch 3

Virginia wasn't his type of place, Keaton Mercer decided as he drove along. Rolling hills, an army of multi-colored trees, and enough red cardinals to make the University of the Incarnate Word jealous weren't his favorite things. It had nothing in common with Arizona which--Keaton suspected--was why Gale Jackson had moved here after his sister's … Continue reading Death’s Assassin-Ch 3