Character and Devastating Choice

Creating a novel that engages a reader is a monumental challenge. One of the best ways to do this is to put plot and character in hand by giving them devastating choices. While a character jumping through flaming hoops with perfect grace every time may sound good because everything goes well and your fantasy world … Continue reading Character and Devastating Choice


Plot Twists–A Clash of Kings

Plot twists in a novel are impressive. To have your assumptions on how the narrative will turn out upended or be completely blindsided by a turn of events is a wonderful aspect of any story. It's also incredibly difficult to pull of. The greatest example of this that I've found so far is located in … Continue reading Plot Twists–A Clash of Kings

1,000 Words…….or less: The Wolf, the Wood, and Little Red Riding Hood

I strode between thick, towering trees, trailed by the gentle crackle of brittle leaves that were crushed beneath my feet. A thick cloud of fog blanketed the canopy, blocking out the sky and sending thin, spider web-like tendrils curling around the trees. The air was chilled and carried the ominous feel of a cave hidden … Continue reading 1,000 Words…….or less: The Wolf, the Wood, and Little Red Riding Hood

Six Weeks

You have six weeks to live. Those words would send terror racing through the hearts of most men. Not so for Bill, a forty-two year old shoe-salesman, husband, and father of two. He was--shockingly--both pleased and liberated by the news. Of course, most men hadn't endured his life. He'd had dreams once. In high school … Continue reading Six Weeks

Character Creation: Good, Bad, or Somewhere in between?

Once upon a time, characters were straight forward. The good guys were young knights and princes, beautiful young princesses and innocent children sent to defeat villains who're evil for evil's sake. But today, characters are complex. Our spiffy protagonists have serious character flaws while antagonists are often wounded, misunderstood and even sympathized with. Some might … Continue reading Character Creation: Good, Bad, or Somewhere in between?