This section of my blog will be reserved for the short stories that I’ll write. Each story will be posted either together or by chapter installments based on the length of each. I actively welcome any feedback that would help me improve my writing in general and the stories that I will post in particular. This page will contain brief descriptions of each story so that you can gauge its character before reading it. Enjoy!

Death’s Assassin

After sacrificing her life to save her brother’s, Death offers Brook a deal; become one of his Assassins and in exchange he won’t attempt to reclaim her brother’s soul. Brook agrees and become Sin, Death’s thirteenth Assassin, collecting the souls of those who ‘cheated death’.

Keaton Mercer is a down on his luck P.I. whose business is on the verge of bankruptcy. When a widow asks him to investigate her husband’s death Keaton sees this as his last chance to save his failing business. The problem? The man’s suspected killer is Brook Jackson who he learns died five years earlier.

Keaton tracks down Brook’s brother, Gale, and together they start a search for his deceased sister. They locate Brook while she is collecting a soul, but when Death unexpectedly shows up and attempts to kill her brother, she learns of a nefarious plot mastermind by her employer. This leads the three of them into a race against time and for Brook, a choice; save her brother, or save the world.