Sira was going to kill him.
That was what she decided as she crouched on the edge of the building, her thoughts as dark as the shadows that cloaked her body. She watched as Gwevor–the man who’d betrayed her family–walked below her, oblivious to the furry hovering above him. It would be simple to jump. Sira could almost hear her blade sliding into the vertebrae of Gwevor’s neck, killing him even as her boots drove his corpse into the ground. Then she’d dispatch the guards walking beside him. She’d continue on, pursuing every last soul on these forsaken grounds until she reached their leader. It would be so easy.
Zarto’s voice held her back. The common thug will kill out of compulsion, the petty criminal because it’s necessary, but a Master Thief needs no such recourse as their existence is never known.

Sira Ta’hareen, daughter of one of the noble houses who rule the Pale Kingdom, is in danger of loosing everything she values. A treasure of House Bertinor–entrusted to her family’s care–has gone missing, sparking calls for the Ta’hareens expulsion from the kingdom. As Sira’s family scrambles to halt their destruction, she’s forced to use every skill she possesses as one of the kingdom’s Master Thieves to save them. In a race against time to save her family, Sira vowes to use any means necessary to succeed.

Even betrayal.


A Thief of Twilight is a Fantasy Fiction Short Story that centers around intrigue, infighting, and how quickly allies can turn on you. I will be publishing A Thief of Twilight on my blog one chapter per week. Any feedback in regards to characters, plot, dialogue, etc. would be welcome. Chapter one will be posted on 03/14/2016.