Ithilia’s throat closed. Her heart pounded loudly in her ears and sweat coated her palms. Could she kill someone, even a traitor? The idea of taking a life was sickening. 
“You could always remain mortal,” Queen Tifa suggested. “It’s not a terrible life, however short it may be.”
If Ithilia refused this task, she’d never get a second chance. She’d live her life as a mortal, but she’d be safe.
Ithilia thought of her parents. Her father gasping for breath in bed, to far gone from the pain of his crushed body to scream in agony. She saw herself dabbing a wet cloth on her mother’s burning forehead as the tumors within took their toll. Ithilia’s jaw tightened. No. That wouldn’t be her fate.
“That won’t be necessary.” Ithilia spoke with resolve. “I will complete this task.”

On the world of Rivanan elves aren’t immortal, but they can earn it. Ithilia Avana–a faithful servant of the Immortal Queen–is told that she’ll be granted immortally, but at a price. She must bring Queen Tifa Sil’ tana the head of Viln Safef, leader of the Exiles, a rebel band who’ve rejected immortality and have vowed to overthrow the Queen. When Ithilia tracks down Viln, she’s unprepared for the attraction that springs between them, or the devastating secrets that they uncover.


The Exiles is a Fantasy Fiction Short Story that centers around betrayal, allegiance, and just what it means to be immortal. I will be publishing The Exiles on my blog one chapter per week. Any feedback in regards to characters, plot, dialogue, etc. would be welcome. Chapter one will be posted on 04/11/2016.